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Graphic Design & Digital Art

Crown Productions   |   All Projects   |   2010 - 2016  |

Zox Straps   |   "Super Sonic", "War Paint", and "Origami"  |  2011-2013  | 

Fleet Clean USA   |   All Graphic-Related Projects  |   2014 - 2015  | 

Freelance Graphic Design | 2010 - Present

Koala Insulation | All Graphic-Related Projects | 2019 - 2021


Embraer Executive Jets | Interior Design Team, 3D Rendering Team, and EDO | 2021 - Present

Video Editing & Motion Graphics Animation

Freelance Motion Graphics Animation  |   2008 - Present  |

Crown Productions  |   Most Projects   |   2010 - 2016  | 

Fleet Clean USA   |   All Training Videos   |   2014 - 2015  |


Koala Insulation  |  Most Video Projects  |   2019 - 2021


Freelance Videography   |   2019 - Present  |

Fleet Clean USA   |   All Training Videos   |   2014 - 2015  |

Koala Insulation   |   All Video Projects   |   2019 - 2020  |


Freelance Photography  |   2010 - Present  |

Fleet Clean USA  |   All Training Projects   |   2014 - 2015  |

Koala Insulation   |   Most Photos  |   2019 - 2020  |

about me


I showed an interest in graphic work from a very young age, obsessed with the character designs from series like Megaman, Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, and more. I started dabbling with Adobe products in middle school and enrolled in the Academy of Digital Arts and Media in high school.

By showing an interest in going above and beyond and improving entertainment standards for both the Academy, and the school as a whole, I was voted to be the historian in charge of obtaining footage of the Academy throughout the school years, and putting together award ceremony videos. I duel-enrolled, at Eastern Florida State College as a Graphics Technologies major.

Right out of high school I was recommended to franchising companies as a designer, videographer, photographer, and motion graphics animator. I then picked up doing freelance graphic design work, drew graphics for the Stadium Parkway Publix monthly, and developed a majority of Koala Insulation's visual identity.

I now work as a graphic designer and 3D texture artist for Embraer's Private Aviation Interior Design team, where I continue to learn and grow as an artist. I'm only going up from here!





“Thank you Theophilus Wallen for creating Free Agency eSports's new logo and twitter banner. As well as throwing me a bunch of goodies on top of it. This man is not only incredibly talented, he is a breeze to work with. I am obviously not an artist, and I definitely don't make it easy to see my vision. But he always seems to come through. As always, it's a pleasure working with you. Thank you.”



Today we want to showcase a graphic designer in the Spiral Collective that has been with us since Spiral's inception and has created our original and new logo, PR graphics, player logos, Jersey designs, and the majority of graphics you see in our videos, and social media.

Theophilus Wallen is an amazing graphic designer and Spiral would have not been what it is without him. If you want to see more of his work, please go visit his website and Instagram.




“The lettering took me a second to realize what it was doing but that’s a great idea. Amazing graphic Theophilus!” 

My Story

2010 - Acceptance to the Academy


When I took this photo, I had a few years of experience with Windows Movie Maker, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I also got my feet wet with Photoshop, only knowing a few tips and tricks for specific effects. My art skills often consisted of stick figures. I was accepted into the Academy of Digital Arts and Media by showcasing the videos I made for my middle school projects. I loved taking school projects further by creating a video to coincide with them.  One day I decided to update my high school's news intro animation, which gave me a reputation across the campus as someone who goes above and beyond entertainment standards.

2014 - Fleet Clean USA


When I took this photo, I was starting my first full-time graphic design job at Fleet Clean USA. I was recommended for this position by a friend from the Academy of Digital Arts and Media. In this position, I worked on rejuvenating the training videos and advertisements for the company. I was sent on trips to visit other Fleet Clean locations to record better footage for the training videos and franchising demos. As a result, I improved my skills in graphic design concepts, branding, and character designs.

2016 - Publix


When I took this photo, I started my position at Publix Supermarkets in Viera, FL. The front of the store features a massive chalkboard visible from every cash register. This board is filled to the brim with fun drawings to catch the shoppers' attention and inform them of the fun daily events around the store. When the previous artist assigned to stay on top of this went on maternity leave, the store needed someone to fill the role. They had try-outs within the store, in which I took part. The managers thought my work was average, and since most of my portfolio at the time was digital art, they feared I could not paint traditionally. Not long after, a friend of mine spontaneously baked me a cake, and to show my gratitude; I drew a scene of me eating it as a chibi character! I printed a poster of it and left it upfront for her to pick up when she clocked in. When I returned the next day for my shift, my managers pulled me aside to tell me I would be the new artist for the board going forward! Since then, many customers have voiced their appreciation of the artwork each month. I continued to draw for Publix when Koala Insulation hired me.

2019 - Koala Insulation


When I took this photo, I was the heart of multimedia for Koala Insulation. The CEO, Scott Marr, reached out to me after my work with Fleet Clean USA ended. He was the CEO of Fleet Clean when I worked there as a designer, and he decided I'd be a good fit for his next franchising venture. In this position, I worked with Ashlye Etgen, the marketing and brand manager at the time, to create the entire visual identity of Koala Insulation, including the logo, mascot, advertisements, and branding. As of writing this, Koala Insulation has been awarded as one of the best and fastest-growing franchises worldwide. The designs I made for Koala are mass-produced and printed on all marketing collateral, including the trucks and trailers, franchising folders, work apparel, and more!

2021 - Embraer


I currently work at Embraer Executive Jets as a graphic designer and 3D texture artist. Customers will express their vision to our team, then I convert their ideas into vector artwork and photo-realistic 3D renders of their private jet, with their personalized graphics applied. I also handle most graphic design projects for the interior design team and EDO. So far my efforts have saved the interior design over $23,000-worth of graphic design commissions!

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